Free Intuitive Painting Workshop:

Art of consciousness

Explore your authentic self-expression through creativity as a practice in trusting your intuition.

join me live on zoom:

1:00 PM Pacific Time

Friday, October 8th, 2021

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You Are Creative... Whether you are a trained artist or haven't played with colors since kindergarten, each and every day you create yourself and your world. Start creating with intention.


You Are Intuitive... As you practice listening to your intuition and acting on that knowing, you will start trusting yourself in a whole new way. You are the only one with your answers.


You Are a Genius... Your body is a genius and you inhabit the infinite wisdom of the universe. When you embody your wholeness you become present to the miraculousness of your being.

Kat Burrowes

Artist • Pleasure Activist • Breakthrough Catalyst

Your Somatic Creativity Guide

Over the past 20 years I've guided thousands of people to connect with pleasure and bring forth their fullest self-expression.

By combining my background in personal development with my experience as a life-long artist, I developed interactive Somatic Creativity exercises to dive into the subconscious and bring forth the truth that lies within.

Through movement, guided visualization, and creative expression you can

Now I am sharing these techniques with you so that you can experience spontaneous joy, live life with purpose, and savor the pleasure of the moment to moment adventure of aliveness!

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